The Gods of the Pantheon
Most of the deities who survived the Dawn War reside in Astral dominions located somewhere in the Astral Sea (thought some reside in the Abyss, Shadowfell or even just wander the World or the whole cosmos).

The Astral Sea


Corellon & his exarchs AstilaborErevan IlesereFenmarel MestarineHanali CelanilShevarash


Bahamut & his exarchs KuyuthaVivexkepeskXerefriMoradin & his exarchs Berronar TruesilverClangeddin SilverbeardDugmaren BrightmantleDumathoinGorm GulthynHaela BrightaxeMarthammor DuinTorugarVergadainKord


Bane & his exarchs HruggekMaglubiyetThurkearvaeriGruumsh & his exarchs BahgtruLuthicVaprakYurtrus


Ioun & her exarchs AthearsaurivZuokenErathis & her exarch EdarmirrikPelor & his exarchs HainardThe Golden General

The Nine Hells

Asmodeus & the archdevils


Tiamat & her exarchs ChillreaverIrfelujharKurtulmakMornujharNamissiQuanathrikVirizanVraxanaultVulkur VaalZehir & and his exarch Atlathessk

The Shadowfell


The Raven Queen & her exarchs AchreisisChronepsisThe Bleak GuideThe Red WitchVorkhesis

The World

Avandra & her exarch Aasterinian

Melora & her exarch Sekolah


Torog & his exarchs Duon-eelJerranThe AbnegatorThe Cringe

The Abyss

The Demonweb Pits

Lolth & her exarchs EclavdraLolestra

The Cosmos


Vecna & his exarch Falazure

The Dead Universe


Missing Deities

Even the most learned scholars can only speculate on what has become of the following deities.
Gods: KiaransaleeLaerisTharizdun (from another universe)
Exarchs: EphelomonKasVocar

Dead Deities

Even thought they are called "Immortals", gods are not truly immortal, just ageless. Some have been destroyed in the Dawn War, and others more recently.
Recent: CamaxtliLavanyaLuniaMaanzecorianNusemneePhayrdTenebrousTomeri
Ancient: AmaanAmothAoskarAuronDeity of Magic and PrescienceGod of the WordGorellikHaramanthurHe who WasIoKarmathKhaelethKhalaKronataLakalNerullSagawehnSemuetThe One in the VoidThessaliaTuernZorthosZurielUnnamed dead deities