Other Entities
The beings from of the Far Realm, and other entities that aren't neither gods, primordials, spirits or aliens from the Far Realm.

Far Realm beings

Bizarre alien creatures from beyond reality, they infect the world with madness. Little is known about these creatures.

Dhogostho-AttuKabu-AthlaMak Thuum NgathaMystThe Prisoner of TamoachanShoth-GoragXurathon


Some stars have come under the influence of Far Realm entities.


Elder Evils

The "stars" of the Elder Constellation are not all associated with the Far Realm as some stars in the sky are. However, those unfathomable stars are inconceivably powerful beings who will survive to time's end.

AtropusFather LlymicKyussPandorymRagnorra


Powers that aren't classified as gods, primordials or something else.

BlibdoolpoolpDemiurgeKaestelariaGuardian of the Living GateLady of PainPrimusZutwa