Epic Destinies (4th Edition)
What will you become?

Core sourcebooks

Player's Handbook 4th edition
ArchmageDeadly TricksterDemigodEternal Seeker
Player's Handbook 2
FatespinnerGlorious SpiritHarbinger of DoomLorekeeperPrimal AvatarRevered One
Player's Handbook 3
Diamond SoulGodmindInvincible MindMaster of the Eternal HuntRune MakerWar Master
Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Indomitable Champion
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
Destined Scion


Arcane Power
Arcane SwordArchlichArchspellFeyliegeImmanenceMagisterParableSage of Ages
The Book of Vile Darkness
Exemplar of Evil
Divine Power
Avatar of DeathAvatar of FreedomAvatar of HopeAvatar of JusticeAvatar of LifeAvatar of StormAvatar of WarChosenExalted AngelSaint
Martial Power
Adamantine SoldierBeastlordDark WandererEternal DefenderGodhunterLegendary GeneralMartial ArchetypePerfect AssassinUndying WarriorWarmaster
Martial Power 2
DragonheartInvincible VanguardLegendary SovereignStar-Favored Champion
Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn
Avatar of Io
Player's Handbook Races: Tieflings
Heir to the Empire
Player's Option: Heroes of Shadow
Guardian of the VoidKeeper of the EverflowMarshal of LethernaTwilight Tribune
Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos
Emergent PrimordialLord of Chaos</small>
Player's Option: Heroes of the Feywild
Shiradi ChampionWild HunterWitch Queen
Primal Power
Fang of the World SerpentFury of the WildHonored AncestorMythic SpiritPerfect GuardianReincarnate ChampionSovereign BeastWorld Tree Guardian
Psionic Power
Cosmic SoulDemiurgeEighth SealGrandmaster of FlowersMaster of MomentsTopaz Crusader

Dragon Magazines

Bahamut's VesselCeaseless GuardianDarklordDead God AvatarDisincarnateDraconic IncarnationFree SoulGod-EmperorKeybearerMaster HierophantPerfect SlayerPlaneshaperPrince of HellPrison of the WindsPunisher of the GodsRadiant OneRaven ConsortRaven KnightSage of the Swan TowerSoul of the WorldStorm SovereignThief of LegendUnyielding SentinelWinter Sovereign

Other settings

Those Epic Destinies can be easily adapted to the Points of Light setting due to the "neutrality" of their fluff.

Dark Sun Campaign Setting
HordemasterMind Lord of the Order
Dragon Magazines
Elf High MageRedeemed Drow