The Great Island of Kelarnil,[3] the largest island in the known lands, is a region in the Points of Light World. It's located between the continents of Nerath and Selduria.


Kelarnil have the same terrain configuration that Nerath and Selduria, mountainous lands and forested and jungle-covered regions. It limits to the north with the Amilian Sea, to the east with the Sea of Ghost, to the south with the Sea of Mist and the Altaran Peninsula on the continent of Nerath, and to the west with the Sea of Dragons.

Due to the presence of the Tomb of Horrors in the island, it can be surmised that this island was also part of Bael Turath during the ancient empires.[1] The nations of this islands were part of the fallen Empire of Nerath as well.

Known StatesEdit

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Political statusEdit

Kelarnil is a contested territory by the current political factions in the World. The nation of Zaarnath count itself as part of League of Nerath; both Rellis Vulin and the Satrapy of Numoth had fallen under the influence of the Iron Circle; and the Free Cities of Zembar are part of the Vailin Alliance.[2] Recently, the Dark Empire of Karkoth has established an outpost in the Dread Marches.[3]


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