The Imperial Age was the time of two great empires – dragonborn Arkhosia and tiefling Bael Turath. No exact dating was known and reports are inn conflift. On the one hand, the Imperial Age may have ended thousands of years ago, since Vor Kragal was exposed to the world recently for “the first time in millennia”. (DR364, p.19) On the other hand, the Turathi city of Harrack Unath fell only a few centuries ago, while the Bael Turath Empire still stood. (DR368, p.80)

Other Events During This Age Edit

Over a thousand years ago, the Great Upheaval occurred in the planar city of Sigil, causing two factions -- the Sodkillers and Sons of Mercy -- to unite as the Mercykillers. The Mercykillers kept law and order in Sigil for six centuries. (DR370, pp.14-15)

A thousand years ago, the exarch Irfelujar betrays Vecna and turns to the service of Tiamat. (DU171, p.57)

A thousand years ago, the Grave-Minders transform from a group dedicated to preventing Primodials from escaping their prisons, to harnessing the treasures and powers of the Elemental Chaos. (SotEC, p.40)

Rise of Two Empires Edit

Arkhosia Edit

The dragonborn of Bahamut finally triumphed over those of Tiamat, forging the empire of Arkhosia in the arid lands of the south, ruled over by royal lines of mighty dragons. (R&C, p.24; W&M, p.21)

Arkhosia was founded at Io'vanthor, which some believe was once the earthly palace of the dragon god Io. (DR369, p.32)

Arkhosia banned the worship of Tiamat, but it thrived as a secret cult. (DR369, p.32)

The Arkhosians founded the floating stronghold of Ustraternes to help oversee their holdings. (DR369, p.14.)

Bael Turath Edit

Bael Turath was founded by humans. When the empire expanded beyond the grasp of its power-hungry nobles, they swore to retain their rule even at the cost of their humanity. After destroying a few houses that refused, the nobles summoned devils and used rituals to seal their infernal pacts, becoming the first tieflings. Ivania Dreygu and Vorno Kahnebor of Harrack Unarth were the first to volunteer to engage in the pact with devils. Boosted by the new-found powers, the Hell-Chained Empire continued to expand. (PHB, p.49; R&C, p.44; DR368, p.71)

The primary devil with whom Bael Turath entered into infernal pacts was Asmodeus himself, founding the Black Academy to study the dark blessings the Archdevil bestowed. (DR381, p.88)

The tieflings of Bael Turath created the kruthiks by infusing reptiles with fiendish blood. (MM, p.171)

The ancient red dragon Ashardalon was defeated by the great druid Dydd. (DR365, p.54)

Imperial Wars Edit

Bael Turath and Arkhosia came into contact, descending into “decades of warfare”. (Other sources say the wars spanned “hundreds of years”.) Border skirmishes grew with each year. Several full-scale wars broke out, including the War of Wings. (R&C, p.44; PHB, p.49; DR365, pp.26-27)

Myrdroon led storm giants and white dragons against the tiefling capital of Vor Kragal. His Spear of the Skylord destroyed Middendark and shattered. The storm giant lord was slain by poisonous arrows shortly after. (DR364, p.23)

The silver dragon Arantor and his protege Imrissa agreed to aid Arkhosia by attacking the Turathi outpost of Monadhan. Too late, the dragons discovered the outpost had only infirm, elderly, women and children. The dragons argued over how to deal with this, and Arantor slew Imrissa. This transported Arantor and Imrissa into the Shadowfell. (DR378, pp.12-13)

The War of Teeth began. Serpentus Rift, one of the seven Jewels of the South, was destroyed by a massive earthquake dragon, possibly unleashed by the tieflings. The threat was ended by an entire dragonborn army. (W&M, p.22; R&C, p.44)

The final War of Ruin broke out. A ten-year siege ended when the tiefling general Achazriel tunneled into Razortear, an Arkhosian fortress. Both sides suffered heavy losses, and the Battle of Razortear marked the beginning of the end for both empires. (R&C, p.44)

The Arkhosian city of Io'vanthor fell when it became corrupted by cultists of Tiamat, who opened to city gates to Turathi invaders, thinking the Turathi would slay the remaining worshipers of Bahamut and then they would slay the Turathi. The Turathi enslaved them all, sacked the city and abandoned it to sandstorms. (DR369, p.32)

When tiefling magic brought down the floating citadel of Ustraternes, many saw it as an omen of the Dragonborn Empire's ultimate demise. (DR369, p.14)

CY-1000: Vlaakith ascended the throne of Tu’narath as the lich-queen of the githyanki “over a thousand years” ago. (MM, p.129)

Centuries ago, after the death of its ageless lord Vorno Kahnebor, but while the Empire of Bael Turath still stood, the city of Harrack Unath fell under a dark curse and was abandoned. (DR368, pp.71, 80)
At the end of the War of Empires, five adventurers discovered and prevented a Far Reals plot to invade the World. They found the Celestian Order to prevent that invasion in the future. (DR375, p.6)