After finishing their initial series of modules for 4e D&D, Wizards of the Coast took a step back to revamp their approach, openly soliciting feedback on how to add more depth to adventures. The Slaying Stone is the first of the new series of adventures that arose from that feedback. It differs in several regards from the 4e D&D adventures that preceded it: smaller scope, lower price, all-color, less linear, better DM support, and more roleplaying encounters. The result is a fun and exciting adventure with over a dozen encounters and extremely good gameplay, a module that helps show the DM how to adapt as players use untraditional approaches to solving the adventure.

This is an excellent introduction to D&D for new adventurers. This adventure takes place in the Nentir Vale.

Goblins have invaded Kiris Dahn, once a jewel in the crown of Nerath, the fallen human kingdom. Within its plundered ruins lie treasures yet to be unearthed, including the last of the slaying stones - deadly relics from bygone wars. Even now, evil forces scour the ruins in search of the stone, but they are not alone! Adventurers have come to Kiris Dahn, bringing death and destruction in their wake.

"The Slaying Stone" is a stand-alone DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure designed for 1st-level characters. It fits easily into any homebrew campaign and features an easy-to-run encounter format and a full-color, double-sided battlemap.