The Frostfell[2] is a region of cold stretches located to the north of the continents of Nerath and Selduria. Most of the Frostfell is unmapped.[2]

The settlements of the Frosfell were part of the Empire of Nerath, but since its fall the people of the north have isolated themselves from the more civilized lands.[1]

Geography Edit

This region is a completely frozen land. Glaciers and icy storms crash against the jagged frozen mountains marking the border between the untamed wild and the cultivated lands to the south. Little grows in its frigid wastes, and the temperature rarely climbs above freezing. The people of the Frostfell carve ice castles from icebergs floating in the frigid seas.[1][2] The Sea of Gnashing Ice is also considered a part of the Frostfell region.[3]

Major SettlementsEdit

Geographic FeaturesEdit

Notable dungeonsEdit


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