A Deity was a being of great power who controlled some aspect of mortal affairs. Worshipers were necessary for a deity's continued existence. Deities could create aspects, work magic beyond that of mortals, and lived in other planes. Although deities could die, it was difficult for anyone besides another deity to accomplish such a feat.

A male deity was also called a god, and a female deity a goddess.


Types of DeitiesEdit

Known DeitiesEdit

Known Deities of Nerath included:

  • Avandra- goddess of luck, change, and travel.
  • Pelor- god of the sun, agriculture, time, and summer.
  • Erathis- goddess of civilization, invention, and law.
  • Ioun- goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy.
  • Kord- god of storms, battle, and strength.
  • Melora- goddess of wilderness, nature, and the sea.
  • Tharizdun- god of chaos and destruction.
  • Torog- god of the Underdark, imprisonment, and torture.
  • Vecna- god of undead, necromancy, and secrets.
  • Zehir- god of darkness and poison.