The Abyssal Plague is a condition inflicted upon victims who came into contact with the Voidharrow. This disease and its malevolence is divine in nature, and its victims' use symbols and scripts associated with the worship of Tharizdun. It is usually fatal unless cured or until the victim is transformed into a plague demon.[1][2]


The primary way to contract this disease is to consume the Voidharrow itself. There is also the possibility of contracting this disease by coming into contact with it or with the blood of another infected creature, or by the attack and death throes of a plague demon. Victims can develop symptoms of the disease and transform upon their death.[2] The disease also spread in food and drink.[3]


Although the Abyssal plague has appeared only relatively recently, the phrases invoked by those infected come from a foul, ancient language. No direct translations can be made of the more complicated phrases, but the simpler phrases speak of a world of complete darkness, devoid of life, and an insatiable hunger for destruction that has existed since the beginning of creation.[2]

Should the infection take root, the victim begins to grow dark-red crystalline sores that appear to be laced with silver and contain flecks of gold. These sores spread across the body, causing the victim to become even more contagious, but they also become more resilient and willful. Infected creatures gain both unnatural strength and a desire to destroy all living creatures. Eventually, the victim would die and their corpse would explode, creating a fully formed plague demon.[2]

Those who survived the plague and were cured said they experienced a vision of an enormously powerful entity trapped in a void of darkness and desolation. They heard the whisper of this entity, who filled them with a desire to destroy every living creature.[2]


The simplest way to prevent the abyssal plague is to stay away from the Voidharrow or plague demons. Barring that, using divine magic is the only known way to prevent being infected by the disease.[4]


The only known way to cure the abyssal plague is exposing the victim to divine magic or pact magic related to the baleful stars[5], but that only works if the spell is cast before the plague had taken root in the victim's body and if the victim wants to be cured and has a resolute will.[6]


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